Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Right Thing Usually
Happens the Wrong Way

Most everyone has an internal list of thoughts, sayings, and insights which they find helpful. Positives to be remembered, warnings to be heeded, etc. Whether self-composed by direct experience or passed on by others for lifelong use, they comprise what I call "The Rules of the Road".

My most recurrent one is: "The right thing usually happens the wrong way." Something goes haywire, you get fired, somebody does you dirty. In some sense, a situation feels unfair or "wrong". But, more often than not, the very thing that is the most irritating, painful, and just plain "wrong" becomes the point of entry (admittedly, sometimes kicking  and screaming) that leads to a "right" you might not have otherwise entered into.

Does it sound like a bad Hallmark card?
Yes it does.
Is it true much more than I would like it to be?
Yes it is.

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